When I first heard about yoga, I laughed and said it was for hippies. Eventually I was persuaded to take a class with a friend, and I hated it! It was too slow, and I wasn’t flexible. I never wanted to do it again!

Luckily, Groupon was offering a special at a nearby hot yoga studio, and I decided to give it another chance. It was challenging, I wasn’t good at it, but it kept me coming back. Fast forward a few years after exploring several yoga styles, and I eventually became a certified teacher. 

Its been 7+ years after my first yoga class, and I love the practice more every time I step on my mat. It’s healed many of my own health issues & mental struggles, including anxiety, body dismorphia, and depression. Because of this, I practice and teach based on a collection of my own life experiences in order to help others who are struggling with the same issues. I believe that yoga can be very healing for the mind & body, and sometimes one simple yes can chagne your life – I’m living proof!

If you are new to yoga, want to practice at home, or are training to become a teacher, check out the links below <3


What People Are Saying

“…I am absolutely loving Nina Elise’s 12-week guide. It’s a sensible, uncomplicated approach to health and fitness that isn’t at all intimidating or restrictive. For the first time pretty much ever, I feel like I’m doing something good for my body instead of trying to punish it…. This plan makes me feel so much better about myself while encouraging me to get even better!”


Blogger, Adventure & Anxiety

“Finally found a yoga instructor who could gear her class to help individually those with different experience levels. I’m a beginner and often felt intimidated in other yoga classes. While in class with Nina she helped me modify some moves and positions that were too difficult for me while maintaining the class for those more experienced. She also gave me individual instruction on how to work on specific problem areas like stretches for my neck and lower back.”

Rebecca K.

Private Yoga Client

“Nina is an amazing yoga teacher and personal trainer!! She worked with me one-on-one to show me exercises that help strengthen my core, which has always been my weakest area -especially after having a baby. Within weeks, I noticed my core getting stronger! She is very easy going which makes excercising with her very enjoyable and fun. You can tell that she genuinely wants to help her clients be the best version of themselves!”

Amanda A.

Private Fitness Client

I love Nina Elise Yoga & Fitness! Nina is truly dedicated to her clients’ goals and overall wellbeing. A healthy body starts in the mind. Nina is gifted at creating a lasting system for her clients to enjoy a healthy fit lifestyle. She does this by bringing mind and body together, working as a team, sharing a common goal. Stay aware for her little nuggets of wisdom. She’s been dedicated to her practice for years , she has a lot of knowledge to share. You’ll never be the same.”

Bethany E

Private Yoga Client

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