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Currently teaching pop-up yoga classes on the beach. Please send an email to for private classes.

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1-1 YOGA

Below are the variety of class offerings available for corporate, event, group, and bachelorette parties.
All classes & sessions can be tailored to your unique needs.
Typically, mats, water, and goodie bags are included for bachelorette/event/corporate classes.
Locations include: local studios, client home, corporate headquarters, private home/Airbnb, beach


60-90 Minutes
Different types of yoga offered:

Yin – stretching

Power Vinyasa flow – 1-breath 1-movement, fast-paced

Inversion Flow – vinyasa/workshop-based class for anyone learning how to go upside-down

Slow flow – holding poses for 5 breaths

Cardio flow – mix of power yoga & body-strengthening exercises

Cacao Ceremony

60-120 Minutes

A guided cacao ceremony includes ceremonial cacao, music, a guided meditation, and more.  Each ceremony will differ based on the intention, location, and group size. Please contact Nina for more information.

Somatic Breathwork

60-120 Minutes

SomatIQ Breathwork™ is a deeply integrative practice aimed at releasing stress, trauma, and stagnant energy from the body, allowing you to reconnect with your innate wisdom and vitality. Through the rhythmic pattern of connected breathing, we will tap into your body’s inner intelligence, facilitating emotional catharsis and energetic shifts.

Go here to learn more and book a single session

*Booking link is for 1 person only. For sessions with more than 1 person, please contact Nina.


30-60 minutes

Includes guided visual meditation and breathwork techniques

Stress Relief - Yoga + Meditation

60-90 Minutes

First half of the class is dedicated to guided meditation, visualization, goal setting, and breathing exercises. A slow-paced yoga class will be taught the last half of the class.

HIIT & Workout Classes

30-75 Minute Workouts

Fusion – Yoga + HIIT
Circuit Training

private yoga class in florida
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Private Yoga Class Cocoa Beach Cape Canaveral Florida
cocoa beach cacao ceremony womens ceremony cape canaveral florida


What People Are Saying

“My boyfriend and I absolutely loved our private yoga session on the beach. Nina communicated with us beforehand to determine our needs and expectations. The class was exactly what we were needing and Nina was amazing. By far my favorite practice yet. Highly recommend!!”

Kenzie L.

Private Yoga Client

“Nina is an amazing yoga teacher and personal trainer!! She worked with me one-on-one to show me exercises that help strengthen my core, which has always been my weakest area -especially after having a baby. Within weeks, I noticed my core getting stronger! She is very easy going which makes excercising with her very enjoyable and fun. You can tell that she genuinely wants to help her clients be the best version of themselves!”

Amanda A.

Private Fitness Client

“We had such a great experience with Nina! She took us through an awesome beginner style session on the beach at sunset and it was perfect! Highly recommend!”

Kinzi VW

Private Yoga Class

“Nina was amazing! She recommended places to visit while I was in town, all of which I visited and was more than ecstatic to see. Great coffee, great food, and an awesome tattoo shop! I would highly recommend Nina’s yoga to anyone visiting. She personalized the experience based on what we needed and how we were feeling after traveling. After our deep stretch we chatted on the beach for quite some time which made the whole experience feel more personable. I would visit Nina again and recommend her to anyone going to the cape Canaveral / cocoa beach area.”


Private Yoga Client

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Below are a list of current workshops offered – if interested in booking for a studio, please send an email to

Journey to Handstand
Join yoga teacher & handstand expert Nina Hunt as she helps you build the foundation on how to develop a strong handstand. You will learn the basics to finding your way upside-down, as well as exercises to strengthen your inversion practice. Have fun exploring the journey to handstand, letting go of fears and understanding what it takes to stand on your hands!

All levels welcome, from beginners to advanced students.

The Anatomy of Yoga

Join Nina Hunt as she breaks down the anatomy of the body as it relates to yoga, including how to create a mind-body connection through present moment awareness. The workshop includes a combination of meditation to slow the mind + an anatomical breakdown of a variety of poses to increase body awareness.

This includes cuing based on the muscular & skeletal structure in order to bring focus and presence to your practice, creating a synergistic effect with your mind and body. You will leave with a better understanding of how to deepen poses through focus & form, giving you the knowledge to take with you and implement in your own practice and life.

Workshop is open to all levels, beginners to advanced, including teachers looking to delve deeper into the body and learn new cues for their classes.

Arm Balance Series

Part 1: Fundamentals of Arm Balances
Exploring the fundamentals of arm balances, focusing on drills for strength & flexibility. No experience required!

Part 2: Intermediate Poses
Eka Pada Galavasana, Astavakrasana, Eka Pada Koundinyasana, and variations of crow/crane – building on the fundamentals of Part 1.
**Recommended to attend “Part 1” in the series before taking this workshop

Part 3: Advanced postures
Mayurasana, Pincha Mayurasana, Ganda Bherundasana – some experience needed.
**Recommended to attend “Part 2” in the series before taking this workshop

For additional questions or to book a private or group class, send an email to

Yoga for Knee surgery recovery

The Stronger Knee™ Yoga Course is the proven method for anyone facing or recovering from knee surgery. You’ll learn how to improve your range of motion, increase strength, and feel more confident post-surgery through the power of a 3-month yoga progression plan.

Knee Surgery Recovery Tips for anyone looking for ACL Surgery Recovery Tips. Yoga, exercises, and what to expect when recovering from knee surgery. Yoga for Knee Surgery recovery


Books for new yoga teachers & for anyone recovering from knee surgery

What People are Saying

Exactly What I was Looking for

“I was struggling to plan and curate classes from a technical standpoint. This book has become my go-to handbook for designing classes and focusing on form & technique, while incorporating meaningful lessons. This is a great book for beginners – straight and to the point. It’s also a great anchor that has helped keep me focused on the basic building blocks for a yoga class. Highly recommend!”

Mike, Amazon Review for “A Simple Guide for New Yoga Teachers”

“I’m not a sports person so I was worried that I would struggle with recovery and rehabilitation. I followed all the recommendation of my doctor and I worked with a good physiotherapist but I also came across your ACL Recovery Guide and I purchased your course. I followed it diligently together with all my other physio exercises. [5.5 months post-op], I had a diagnostic test to check if I’m on track towards a full recovery and when I went to my doctor to discuss the results, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. I was not only on track, but it seemed to him that I was for all intents and purposes already recovered… My doctor (who’s been following ACL patients for 30 years) said that he NEVER saw such a quick recovery in a person who’s not a professional athlete.”

– Marta, The Stronger Knee™ Yoga Course

Helped my practice!!

“Really happy with this purchase. The book is great for new teachers and seasoned teachers!! I needed a refresher on building a class sequence, I’ve been teaching for 6 years but I still find the need for inspiration at times. I can feel stuck in the same routines and that makes me not enjoy teaching as much. This book helped me try new ways to teach and change it up a bit. I’ve taken the author’s classes before in Florida and she is very knowledgable about the body and it’s functions. Great read and will def be re-reading as needed.”

Lara, Amazon Review for “A Simple Guide for New Yoga Teachers”

“I am 7 months ACL recon/minor meniscus tear post-op and I have been using your yoga videos since my 4th month. My surgeon kept me from PT until 6 weeks post-op, and your videos helped me catch up. Thank you so much and I really am so glad I was able to find your videos! They really have been integral to my recovery.”

– Liz, The Stronger Knee™ Yoga Course

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