sometimes its easier

to look back

when things get tough

your legs stumbling

unable to bear

the burdens you carry


running back

to what feels easy

instead of being stuck

in the in-between place

of past loves

and could-have beens


don’t be scared, loves

your eyes shine brighter

than any star I’ve seen

and your heart loves deeper

than any canyon formed


and time moves slowly

not to cause you grief

but only to grab your hand

and tell you to live

here and now

-Nina Elise


When things get hard, I like to look back and grasp onto things from the past. Things that made me feel safe, wanted and secure. I always tell myself, “Nina – just because things get hard, doesn’t mean you should run back to what feels comfortable. Be here, and look forward – that is the only place you need to be going.” The future is uncertain, and things don’t always turn out the way you’d hope – but that’s no reason to take a step back. Keep your chin up – there are far better things ahead, better than you can even begin to imagine.

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