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It’s been a hot minute since I posted on the blog – lots of changes (new job, moved across the country, etc) – and most of my attention was directed away from here. I’ve actually been writing a lot, just not on my blog – so, I wanted to share a recent article I wrote for Dallas Yoga Magazine! I recently launched a new book on Amazon for new yoga teachers, and this article goes hand-in-hand with the theme. Take a look and let me know your thoughts!

The Importance of Being a Yoga Teacher

Do you remember the moment you decided you wanted to be a yoga teacher? Was it after your first yoga class, where you had a realization that this was your life path? Or was it after years in the studio, making a decision after progressing in your practice? Or maybe it was working with several amazing teachers, who inspired you to make a difference in other people’s lives?

Whatever the moment was, you decided. You made the decision to be a lightworker, a guide for others, physically and mentally, to connect with themselves on a 24×68 inch mat for 60-90 minutes every day. It was in this decision that you decided to help others, and in a way, yourself.

You see, teaching yoga isn’t just about guiding people in and out of poses. It’s about communicating with others through a voice only you can speak, and connecting with each person by the energy you bring to the class. Of course, a 200 or 500 hour yoga certification can teach you a thing or two -Sanskrit names for each pose, how to piece together classes, the chakras, and even a few muscle groups in the body. It’s completely necessary in order to safely teach a class, and even more necessary to understand the mind-body connection.

But what does this ultimately mean for students, when a teacher has a certification?

Finish reading the article here: http://dallasyogamagazine.com/the-importance-of-being-a-yoga-teacher/

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