Secure & Steadfast

“Snow drifts on a mountainside
Ready to fall
Icy roads
Unfit for walking

Always trusting the dark
The only constant
When the sun betrays
Hiding behind clouds

The challenge of life
Is finding your footing
When all steps seem to be hidden

Light your own fire
Keep it burning bright
Trust the path
Even when all blocks your way

There is nothing more inspiring
Than two feet that won’t stop walking
And a heart that burns with passion

All is ok.
All is ok.”

-Nina Elise, Secure & Steadfast

New Love

“The way your lips
Brush up against mine
Makes me feel
Alive again

Touching a side of me
No one has ever known
Gently kissing
Figuring me out
Piece by piece

I can’t explain how it feels
To be remembered
After so many years
Of being overlooked

Like the first gentle rain
After a harsh snowy winter
Or a light peeking in
Through a dewy cobweb

Whatever you do
Don’t stop
Look beyond my fears
And love what’s been lost
What’s been forgotten

Help me to remember
How much I’m loved”
– Nina Elise


sometimes its easier

to look back

when things get tough

your legs stumbling

unable to bear

the burdens you carry


running back

to what feels easy

instead of being stuck

in the in-between place

of past loves

and could-have beens


don’t be scared, loves

your eyes shine brighter

than any star I’ve seen

and your heart loves deeper

than any canyon formed


and time moves slowly

not to cause you grief

but only to grab your hand

and tell you to live

here and now

-Nina Elise


When things get hard, I like to look back and grasp onto things from the past. Things that made me feel safe, wanted and secure. I always tell myself, “Nina – just because things get hard, doesn’t mean you should run back to what feels comfortable. Be here, and look forward – that is the only place you need to be going.” The future is uncertain, and things don’t always turn out the way you’d hope – but that’s no reason to take a step back. Keep your chin up – there are far better things ahead, better than you can even begin to imagine.


Lose the mask
Your sadness speaks
in ways that words
Could never express

Show me your smile
It’s been too long
Since your heart
Has sung in tune

Drop your chains
And grab my rope
I’ll bring you up
To safe ground

Feel your heart
It beats with purpose
Don’t you dare forget
How much you are loved

-Nina Elise

Bottled up Love

There once was a girl
Who had so much love to give
And when she lost the one whom she loved the most
She tried again to share her heart
But felt no one accepted her love
The way she thought they should

So she bottled up that love 
And forgot what it meant
To smile

There came a day
She felt like she would burst
From her bottled up love
Going to waste
Not knowing who to give it to
Who would ever accept her love again?
When she realized
The person who needed it the most
Was herself

She looked inside
And accepted her own love
And only then
Could others begin to accept her, too
-Nina Elise

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