Lose the mask
Your sadness speaks
in ways that words
Could never express

Show me your smile
It’s been too long
Since your heart
Has sung in tune

Drop your chains
And grab my rope
I’ll bring you up
To safe ground

Feel your heart
It beats with purpose
Don’t you dare forget
How much you are loved

-Nina Elise

Bottled up Love

There once was a girl
Who had so much love to give
And when she lost the one whom she loved the most
She tried again to share her heart
But felt no one accepted her love
The way she thought they should

So she bottled up that love 
And forgot what it meant
To smile

There came a day
She felt like she would burst
From her bottled up love
Going to waste
Not knowing who to give it to
Who would ever accept her love again?
When she realized
The person who needed it the most
Was herself

She looked inside
And accepted her own love
And only then
Could others begin to accept her, too
-Nina Elise


Alone. Alone. Alone. A word so greatly feared by many. A word that shakes people to their core, afraid to leave even the worst of situations, all because they are so terrified of being alone.

Alone. It can mean many different things to different people. Unloved or unwanted after a breakup. Not good enough to women wanting to get married and start a family. Or even worse, the fear of failing, with no one there to pick you up.

But what is alone, really? Is it the worst thing that could happen to us? Or possibly even the best? No one ever tells us how amazing “alone” can be. It can be a night of no pressure, no rush, just you and a dusty book that’s been sitting on your shelf, waiting to be read. Sitting down and watching that movie you’ve always wanted to see. Space. Freedom. Cooking late at night, just because you are hungry. Exploring your city, or having the time to pick up a new hobby. Dancing to your favorite music in your living room, waiting for that batch of cookies to be done baking, to be eaten all. by. you. Alone.

Now does it seem so bad? the biggest tragedy in life is wasting it by dwelling on something you think you are. You are not alone. You have yourself. You have this entire WORLD to explore, with endless amounts of adventures, waiting for you to find.

It think it is vital that people experience being “alone” – feel it, grow from it, learn to love it. And most importantly, learn to fall in love with yourself – because by being alone, you realize You are enough. Sometimes, whether you are with a crowd of people or sitting at home by yourself, you can feel overwhelmingly alone. So why not embrace it? All it takes it some courage – courage to spend time with the best person of all – YOU. And you may just find that you were never so alone, after all.




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