Weekend Update: Blowout Bar & Wedding Season

This past weekend was such a blast! My cousin is getting married in a few weeks, and we celebrated her bachelorette party by getting our hair done, eating cake, and dancing!

To start off, we went to The Blowout Bar – a salon that solely does hair styling! I personally would have never gone there – I mean, I can curl my hair at home, why pay someone $40 to do it?? However, I am SO glad we went.. I will definitely be going back – that’s how much I was in love with my hair!


There is absolutely no way I could have done my hair like this at home! I am not sure what product they put in my hair, but it is AMAZING. Apparently, your hair will look like this for a few days without washing. A girls dream come true haha

Nina Elise blowout bar hair

The back was just as amazing… If only my hair could look like this everyday!

There were 7 of us total – we all got curls, but all of our hair styles looked different from each other – in a good way! Everyone looked absolutely stunning!

The blow out bar grand view

After, we went back to get ready, open gifts, and eat cake… It was so great hanging out with these girls – we have all known each other since birth! And my cousin was beyond the moon excited and so happy – I cannot wait for her wedding day!

Nina Elise

We all wore black, and my cousin wore a white dress… I couldn’t find a picture of all of us together before we headed out, so here is a picture of me with my makeup done… not something that happens often!

We all headed out to Hofbrauhaus for dinner – their food is so good! Not as good as the real hofbrauhaus in Munich, but pretty close 🙂 Below is a picture of me and the bride-to-be – cousins and friends since the day we were born (only a month apart!).

Nina Bach party

Afterwards, we went dancing for a little bit before heading home. I was asleep by 12:30!!! Not that I’m complaining – I got up at 6:30 to teach 2 back-to-back hot yoga classes in the morning. Saturday nights are normally a stay-in-and-go-to-sleep-at-9-pm type of night 🙂

I ended up laying around and watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Amazon Prime all day Sunday – and I’m already on episode 16! Since I was ridiculously unproductive on Sunday, I woke up early and went for a 30 minute run on the treadmill +did a quick circuit workout at the gym – check out the full-body circuit on youtube here!

Nina Elise Youtube image- 15 Minute Full-Body Circuit

After work, I went shopping to find a cute pair of tan booties… and no such luck. I ended up going online & buying a pair of Toms Leila Booties on Amazon – a little cheaper than buying from the Toms site or Nordstroms. Have I ever mentioned that I love amazon?? I order something from there every week!

toms leila bootie

After shopping, I set up my Go Pro and recorded a 30  minute YouTube video – a yoga flow specifically for weak, tight hips. It’s one of my tougher video’s, but it’s actually perfect for beginners to advanced! A lot of balancing and a little cardio will burn a lot of calories in this flow. I was sweating and ready for a nap afterwards!

30 Minute Hip-Strengthening Yoga Flow_Insta

I’ve been so busy with training for my half marathon & I haven’t had the time or energy to create a new YouTube video in a while. I am going to try to put a new one up every week… so if you have any suggestions or want me to post something for you, let me know! You can watch my 30 minute hip-strengthening yoga flow here – don’t forget to subscribe!

So what was everyone up to this weekend? Have you ever been to a blowout bar? What is your craziest bachelor/bachelorette party story?

Stitch Fix Review

Let’s talk fashion. Or in my case, my lack of knowledge of it. I have never really been that confident when shopping/dressing myself – it can be extremely intimidating & overwhelming. Also – I like to be as comfortable as possible at all times. I kid you not – not being able to wear leggings/jeans to work is a deal breaker for me when job searching. I’ve worked at companies that required dress clothes, and I couldn’t wait to tear off my clothes at the end of the day. Just give me a pair of leggings and a baggy sweater and I will be happy as a clam!


My Life in a Nutshell

Anyways – I actually do like to dress up, but pairing items together is not one of my strengths. Insert: Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is an online company that curates outfits for you based on personal preference and your own style. (Please note – I am not getting paid or receiving any type of discount to write this post. A ton of my friends have been getting their stitch fix boxes, so I decided to give it a try! This post is 100% my opinion :)) When you sign up, you get your own stylist who works with you to basically help you put together outfits. Your stylist then sends you 5 things – shoes, clothing, jewelry, or handbags every  month (or, depending on how often you choose to have your box sent – every few weeks, every month, every few months,  or a few times a year) So how does it work?

  1. Sign up for Stitch Fix
  2. Set up your style profile, including any specific notes to your stylist. This includes size, style preferences, colors, cost of items (I chose cheapest for all of my items), etc. You can also include a link to a pinterest board with pins of your favorite things! (Follow me on Pinterest here :))
  3. Set frequency of box – every few weeks up to a few times a year
  4. Impatiently wait for your box to arrive in the mail

Once you receive your box, you have the option of keeping nothing or everything – if you end up not liking any of your items, you can return them and will be charged $20. If you decide to keep at least 1 item, the $20 fee is waived. If you decide to buy all 5 items – you get an extra 25% off your entire box!

So imagine my excitement when I finally get my first Stitch Fix box – how cute is this packaged??

Stitch fix 1

Included in the box was a letter from my stylist, as well as a card with different ways to wear each piece of item (where has this been all my life?!):

Stitch fix outfits

Unfortunately, my stylist did not get the memo on what my style is. Ok, I liked 2 items, but the rest? Total miss.

Item 1: Orange Blazer
Cost: $88

Stitch fix blazer

Verdict: I actually have this exact blazer in my closet. Also – $88?? The one I bought was $30 from target, and it is much better quality. Pass!

Item 2: Black knit top
Cost: $54

Stitch fix top

Verdict: No. Just no. Not my style at all – 3/4 sleeve black top with a see-through back – it didn’t look good on, and obviously wrinkles very easily. Pass!

Item 3: Jeans
Cost: $98

Stitch fix jeans

Verdict: I actually really liked these jeans – super comfy, stretchy, perfect color… unfortunately, they were a size too big, and a bit too loose at the ankles. If these had fit a little better, I probably would have kept them. Pass!

Item 4: Dress
Cost: $68

Stitch fix dress

Verdict: NO. This is not something I would EVER wear. The dress was super comfortable – but the print? Definitely not my style. Pass!

Item 5: Shoes
Cost: $60

Stitch fix shoes

Verdict: No. These shoes pinched my toes from the second I put them on – super stiff, and not comfortable. Also – not a fan of the print. A little too business-y for me. Pass!

Order Total if I bought everything: $256
That is a bit too expensive for me, so I went back and changed my price-point preference. My cousin chose the cheapest prices, and her order total was only $156.

Another thing to note – a lot of my items cam pretty wrinkled, which is 1) annoying that they show up looking like someone already wore them, and 2) If the items wrinkle this easily, they are definitely not something I would want to steam & wear all the time.

While my first box was a dud, I am giving my stylist another chance to get to know my style a little more. I did like a few of the items, so I’m hoping my next box will fit a little better & match my style.

Has anyone else tried stitch fix? If so, what do you think?

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try, check it out here and let me know what you think!

***UPDATE: I received my second stitch fix box, and I sent everything back. I chose the cheapest option, and my box total ended up being $300 (!). The items sent were also not my style… I just don’t think my stylist understood what I wanted. Either that, or I’m just too picky! For now, I’ll stick to TJ Maxx & styling myself 🙂

Weekend Recap: Girls Night, Yoga, and Fashion!

Happy Sunday!!

This past weekend was full of many things: wine, friends, relaxation, and conquering fears.

Friday Night was spent with a few of my girlfriends – lots of wine, gossip and laughter. After a long weekend, it was so night to relax and just let loose. The best part was taking pictures with a selfie stick – which, after using it, I am convinced I need to bring this to Europe in the fall!

Girls night out!

Girls night out!

Love these ladies

Love these ladies

Such a selfie stick newb

Such a selfie stick newb



Saturday was a day for sleeping in, cleaning, and meeting an old friend for dinner. I didn’t want to go too crazy, since I was teaching a yoga class at 9:30 the next morning. Speaking of which, It was my FIRST CLASS EVER… completely terrified, as I have a bit of a public speaking fear. However, I did it – and it was awesome! I definitely need a few more classes under my belt to feel a little more comfortable… but I’ll be speaking a little bit more in detail in another post on this 🙂

One last thing before I sign off…

Being a minimalist when it comes to wearing jewelry, I normally only wear a few staple things: a nice pair of studs, a skinny stack ring, and my victoria bekerman bracelet. I wear these items all the time and rarely take them off. I love simple, delicate items that don’t get in the way, and that I can wear when working out or doing yoga. It’s also hard to find really cute jewelry that I am in love with, so I never know where to look. Insert: RocksBox. These boxes are curated specially for each person based on their style. You can favorite items on their site, and they will choose 3 pieces of jewelry to try out every month. You basically rent the items, with the option of buying them at the end of the month. If you don’t like any of the items, you can send back and wait patiently for your next months box. I can’t believe how much I have been wearing the items sent to me – my favorite pieces are the earrings, which basically go with everything. And the necklace actually surprised me – I have been wearing it almost everyday! If anyone is interested in trying them out – use code fitblondeyogixoxo for 1 free month. The best part is getting the box in the mail – how cute is this??






That’s all for now – until next time!


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