Arm Balance Workshop


As promised, I have been working on putting on more inversion workshops for all you wonderful Yogis!

Sunday, March 13th @ 1pm – Learn the basics of Crow & Arm Balances!

Columbus Yoga Arm Balance Workshop

This workshop is perfect for anyone, whether you can do an arm balance or not. It’s all about breaking down the poses so they are easier (and less scary!) to get into 🙂

Check out the schedule & sign up here: Melt Hot Yoga Fitness in Westerville
Or the mind-body app on your phone

If arm balances aren’t your thing, don’t worry – I teach 2 different classes on Sunday mornings:

8 am: Melt Hot Power Vinyasa
This class brings together the strength challenge of holding postures for 5 breaths with the cardio challenge of flowing in between asanas. Practitioners should have a basic understanding of fundamental yoga postures, vinyasa style yoga and the unique style of Melt Hot Yoga.

9:30 am: Melt Hot Vinyasa Yoga 1
This is a great place to Learn the fundamentals of yoga postures and flowing in a vinyasa style, one breath, one movement.Taught to super chill tunes in a room heated to 99 degrees and 50 % humidity.  This class is great for both beginners and advanced students wishing to deepen their understanding of vinyasa style yoga and to grow their understanding of the various asanas( poses) as well as learn the unique style of Melt Hot Yoga.

 Remember, first timers can take their first yoga or fitness class for free!

See you all at Melt <3

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