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EFT Tapping for Confidence and Public Speaking and Self Concept

The Voice Alchemy EFT Tapping Collection is perfect for you if:

  • You struggle with public speaking and desire to be more confident speaking in front of others
  • Find that no matter how much you try, your shyness prevents you from speaking up
  • Have poor self-concept & wish to view yourself in a more positive light
  • Want to speak more confidently
Quantum Leap Meditation

10 Minute Guided Quantum Meditation
Utilizing the power of gentle breathwork, Hypnosis, and NLP techniques, this meditation is designed to shift neural connections in your brain as you embark on a new life. Get clear on your desires and immerse yourself in soothing music as you enter the Quantum Field. Within the field, create your desired life and manifest it into your 3D reality with amplified emotions in your heart space. Let this meditation be your gateway to a profound transformation!

Quantum Leap Meditation

13 Minute Guided Quantum Meditation
Step into an embodied version of yourself in the Quantum Field, jump timelines, and return a different person. This meditation allows you to anchor in your new character and desired reality, helping you manifest profound changes. Listen to it as many times as you want to immerse yourself in the Quantum Field and create the life you’ve always desired. Embrace the power of the Quantum and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


What People are Saying

Exactly What I was Looking for

“I was struggling to plan and curate classes from a technical standpoint. This book has become my go-to handbook for designing classes and focusing on form & technique, while incorporating meaningful lessons. This is a great book for beginners – straight and to the point. It’s also a great anchor that has helped keep me focused on the basic building blocks for a yoga class. Highly recommend!”

Mike, Amazon Review for “A Simple Guide for New Yoga Teachers”

“I’m not a sports person so I was worried that I would struggle with recovery and rehabilitation. I followed all the recommendation of my doctor and I worked with a good physiotherapist but I also came across your ACL Recovery Guide and I purchased your course. I followed it diligently together with all my other physio exercises. [5.5 months post-op], I had a diagnostic test to check if I’m on track towards a full recovery and when I went to my doctor to discuss the results, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. I was not only on track, but it seemed to him that I was for all intents and purposes already recovered… My doctor (who’s been following ACL patients for 30 years) said that he NEVER saw such a quick recovery in a person who’s not a professional athlete.”

– Marta, ACL Yoga Recovery Course

Helped my practice!!

“Really happy with this purchase. The book is great for new teachers and seasoned teachers!! I needed a refresher on building a class sequence, I’ve been teaching for 6 years but I still find the need for inspiration at times. I can feel stuck in the same routines and that makes me not enjoy teaching as much. This book helped me try new ways to teach and change it up a bit. I’ve taken the author’s classes before in Florida and she is very knowledgable about the body and it’s functions. Great read and will def be re-reading as needed.”

Lara, Amazon Review for “A Simple Guide for New Yoga Teachers”

“I am 7 months ACL recon/minor meniscus tear post-op and I have been using your yoga videos since my 4th month. My surgeon kept me from PT until 6 weeks post-op, and your videos helped me catch up. Thank you so much and I really am so glad I was able to find your videos! They really have been integral to my recovery.”

– Liz, ACL Yoga Recovery Course


The Big Leap Bundle

A Quantum Leap to Create the Life You Desire with Human Design, Inner Child Work, and Quantum Meditations

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