Hi Loves! A few weeks ago, RX Bar sent me a box of their protein bars to try – and they did not disappoint! For those of you who follow a Paleo lifestyle or have completed a whole30 before – these are apparently lifesavers. Since they only contain a minimal amount of ingredients (nuts, egg white protein, figs, dates), they are great for those with a food allergy or a limited diet. With my upcoming trip, I was looking for a good protein bar to take with me, and I think I have found The One. I have been eating these pre & post-workout, and they give me a ton of energy… with NO stomach issues! It’s incredibly hard to find a good quality protein bar that doesn’t upset my stomach, and RX Bar has nailed it.

I was able to try all of their flavors – I tried them all out in the order that I thought I would like the best. Surprisingly, blueberry was my favorite! It wasn’t too sweet, and the texture wasn’t as sticky as the other flavors.

Peanut butter was my next favorite flavor – the texture was a little sticky, but the little bits of peanuts & flavor were spot-on. Apple Cinnamon – it wasn’t bad by any means, I am just not really a fan of apples. However, if you are into the apple-cinnamon taste with a little bit of cider flavoring, you would love this! Coffee Cacao – I actually ate this first, thinking it would be the best tasting. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a flavor to it at all, and it got stuck to my teeth a lot. It had a sticky/gummy-like consistency to it, and it got a little messy when eating it (think sticky fingers & nothing nearby to wash my hands). It wasn’t terrible, but it just wasn’t my favorite. Last but not least: Coconut Cacao. I don’t really eat anything coconut, so this really surprised me. There was only a hint of coconut, and there was a nice crunch from the almond pieces. Also – there are chocolate chips in this bar, so it’s kind of hard not to like 😉
Coffee Cacao
Sooooo after trying all of these DELICIOUS bars, I contacted RX Bar to see if they would like to share some of their amazing goodness with a giveaway… and they have a sample 10 pack of all 5 flavors for one lucky winner! All YOU need to do is 1) Follow my blog and 2) Comment on this post telling me what you think your favorite flavor might be and why you want these protein bars in your belly! A winner will be randomly chosen 1 week from today… so enter at the link below and comment away! 🙂 Click here to be entered into the RX Bar giveaway! **The product provided for the review was free of charge from the company. The product offered for the giveaway is free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation. 

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