Whether you are new to exercising, yoga, want to strengthen your practice, or learn how to stand on your hands, I offer private lessons tailored specifically to each individual’s needs & interests. Working one-on-one with allows you to feel more comfortable learning and practicing yoga, working out, going at your own pace, and working on improving your own individual goals.


Depending on the end goal, each session is 30-60 minutes, and will be provided at the clients house, local studio or gym, or via Skype. Mats and equipment are provided as needed for in-person appointments.


Are you looking to bring some stress relief to your employees? Or a mid-day meditation break?
As a full-time employee in a fast-paced corporate environment, I understand the stress of working up to 70 hours a week. Until I started to practice yoga, I let my job take over my life.
When I began practicing yoga & meditation daily, there was a huge shift in my mindset towards work. My perspective on work & life changed, for the better, and I no longer let the small stuff stress me out. Because of the amount of relief I found in yoga & the positive impact it had on my work life, it is my absolute passion to pass on what I have learned.
From yoga to meditation to goal-setting, I offer a few different classes to bring a relaxed state of mind & motivation to the workplace.

Check out the variety of class offerings below!

1 hour & 15 minutes
Begins with 10 minutes of meditation and ends with 10 minutes of Savasana. Different types of yoga offered:

Yin – stretching

Power Vinyasa flow – 1-breath 1-movement, fast-paced

Slow flow – holding poses for 5 breaths

Cardio flow – mix of power yoga & body-strengthening exercises

1 hour class

20 minutes allocated to teaching a variety of meditation techniques and 40 minutes of guided meditation.

Stress Relief
1.5 hour class

First half of the class is dedicated to guided meditation, visualization, goal setting, and breathing exercises. There is a 10 minute break in between, and a slow-paced yoga class will be taught the last half of the class.

HIIT & Workout Classes

30-75 Minute Workouts!

Fusion – Yoga + HIIT
Circuit Training

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