Privacy Policy

Nina respects your privacy and is committed to keeping your personal data safe. 

The following information will inform you of what information is collected & stored when you make a purchase and/or create an account.

Personal Data

  • Personal data is information that can identity any specific person. Nina elise may collect, store, or transfer personal data that has been provided at-will at checkout. This includes transition data about payment methods used, as well as details of products and services you have purchase from When you create an account, Nina has access to your username and password until you delete your account.
  • Nina does not collect any personal data through about your race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, health, criminal history, sexual orientation, or political views. If any of this information is provided in a one-on-one reading, the client is responsible for willingly providing this information.
  • All recorded readings/sessions are sent to the client for download via wetransfer, and are deleted from all devices and/or cloud space on Zoom 1 week following the recording.
  • If at any time personal information is requested, you have every right to deny the sharing of information. Since all readings require an exact date of birth date, time, and location, this birth data will be retained unless otherwise requested for removal.
  • Personal data will only be used when the law allows it.
  • Personal data will NOT be shared with any third parties, except if required by law
  • Security measures are put in place on to prevent your personal data from being lost by accident or used in an illegal or unauthorized way.
  • Relevant personal data will only be available to employees, contractors, or other third parties who are working in contractual agreement in confidentiality with, for the purpose of creating blueprints and/or conducting readings. 

Third-Party websites:

Third party website links may be embedded on If you choose to click on any of those links, third-party connections may collect or share data about you. Nina Elise does not control these websites and is not responsible for their privacy terms.

Affiliate Links:

This site may contain product affiliate links. Nina may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links. Please note that Nina will never make recommendations to purchase anything – only share what she has purchased & personally used.

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