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“Nina’s enthusiasm for Human Dsign is infectious. She combines that passion with deep knowledge to help people understand their personal chart. These understandings can help people move through the world with more confidence. I especially loved learning about my centers and how they related to my closest relationships. Nina read my chart but also cross-referenced with my children and partners charts. I highly recommend Nina for your Human Design reading.”

Alexis M., – 1/3 Sacral Generator

“My husband and I are very different, which can be great…but it also can be very challenging. Nina did an in depth human design reading for us and it really helped us to understand each other on a deeper level. I have noticed improvements in our relationship and more appreciation for each other. Human design can be complicated, but Nina made it easy to understand and she took time to answer all of our questions. Her passion and excitement about human design is contagious! “

– Amanda A., 2/4 Emotional Manifestor

“…I am so grateful for your advice about communicating with my boss. I am sending him a regular stream of texts and email AND He loves it! Every meeting now he tells people about some communication of mine and how meaningful or helpful is was to him. And I really think i am his favorite direct report now. I owe that all to you. I went from F*** HIM, to communicating with him the way he wants… and now he leaves me alone. Thank you. Thank you.”

Private Client – 4/6 Splenic Manifestor

“About two months ago I had a reading with Nina and I am so glad I did. I learned a lot and it has been already very helpful integrating it in my day to day life. Understanding why certain ways have not worked for me and now having learned ways that do-because of my human design! It’s like looking at the world through a total different lens. Nina did an amazing job explaining and delivering my design. Looking forward to getting a more in depth reading in a few months.”

– Alex P., 5/1 Emotional Manifestor

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