These thoughts, they consume my mind. All I want to do is run and hide, crying till I can’t see.

But I must face them, as hard as they might be – and cast them out of the dark corners

 of my mind, into the light. Embrace what they are, face them, love them –

and acknowledge them for what they truly are…



The thought of meditation causes my brain to go in uproar – sit silent, even just for 5 minutes?

I’ll do it later.   When I get home.   Before I go to bed.   And before I know it,

I’m in bed. Exhausted from my days thoughts, too exhausted to meditate.

The ego has won.


Until I do take those 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes. And I sit. This feeling of emptiness overtakes

me, I am free from my thoughts. Free of those thoughts that put me into a tailspin,

 put life on a pedestal and make me want to scream. I am free. No more baggage.

No more heartache. No more worries. Take me away, meditation, I never want to return.

And my ego knocks. And reality sets in. And I’m back, back to where

my mind fought to stay, back to where I drifted away from,

where I never wanted to return.


Yet I remember those moments of silence, appreciating them, feeling their resonance

in my heart, in my mind. And I carry a lighter load,

even if it’s just for a while.

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