cat with glasses
cat paw
  • We do our own thing
  • We will find you if we need something or want your attention
  • If you get too clingy, bye!
  • Everyone stares when we walk into a room
  • Watch out for our claws
  • If you try to keep us captive, we will resist
  • We’re independent
  • Not afraid to fight
  • Self-sufficient
  • You either love us or hate us
  • We move quick when we get an urge to do something
  • We can be feisty, but deep down we are cuddly and sweet
  • Others are impacted by our presence
  • We carry a sense of regalness & DGAF attitude
  • We are loyal to those who nurture but give us space
  • We ignore people we don’t want to engage with
  • We only remember what is beneficial to us
  • We make the first move
  • We make soothing, gentle sounds when happy
  • We nap in the middle of the day
  • We disappear for several days without telling anyone

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