As part of my yoga teacher training, I am required to put on a 1.5 hour workshop of my choosing. This includes coming up with a marketing plan, pricing, creating a flyer, and creating an outline of your workshop. I am so glad that this was part of my training, as I had so much fun researching my topic and envisioning the end result!

Since I absolutely love being on my hands, I wanted to put on a workshop that broke down the basics of handstands, including a daily practice to build up strength & confidence. So, the title of my workshop was “Journey to Handstand” – and it happened this past Friday night! Guys, I loved it. Putting on a workshop is SO different than teaching a yoga class – you walk around, you talk, interact, stop, start, coach, talk some more, and work one-on-one with others. If you know and enjoy what you are talking about, it is so easy and fun!

9 people showed up for my workshop – students from my yoga classes, as well as my fellow teacher trainees. Everyone was such a good sport, and I am so incredibly grateful for the support from everyone!

The workshop was broken down into 3 parts:
Beginning/Intro: introductions, history, basics, overview
Middle: warm up the body, drills, prop use, partner work
End: Cool down stretch w/savasana, reflections

I also sent out a few tips/drills for at-home practice at the end. And that was it! 1.5 hours – If there were more people, I could have made it to 2 hours. It was fun, a great learning experience for me, and hopefully a learning experience for everyone who attended!

Looking back at where I was 1 year ago – just having ended a 4 year relationship, barely being able to drag myself out of bed every day, low confidence, and having no idea what direction I wanted to go in my life – I am shocked and humbled to see how far I have come. I never would have dreamed of teaching a yoga class, let alone teaching a room full of friends I only met in the past 7 months how to handstand. I am so full of love, gratitude, and happiness – and cannot wait to see what next year brings! Facing fears and doing small things that you love every day changes you – I truly hope everyone one of you can realize that there is always love and hope, even in the seemingly darkest times. And with that – I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from my favorite book(s):

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

– Albus Dumbeldore

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