First off, I just want to say how much I have been putting off writing a new blog post. I mean, having to actually think about what I am going to write about, digging deeeeeep deep down for something inspiring… I would much rather be taking a nap. Which, I will say I have been doing a lot of lately – 2-3 hour ones. And  how is it that I always wake up feeling even MORE tired? I should probably just start going to bed earlier….

Me, after taking a nap

Anyways, I have been dealing with a few personal family issues lately, and one thing has really been resonating deeply with me: Compassion. Which leads me to the picture below:

Be Kind…

When you see someone you love going through such a hard time, and all you want to do is take away all those scary, lonely, hurting feelings… but you can’t be there for them (physically, in my case), and it makes it that much harder. Then you see people – complete strangers – helping that person you love, expecting nothing in return. It makes me want to cry that there are people out there, with such big, humble, compassionate hearts that are willing to help out, no questions asked. It really gives me hope that there is good in this world.

And it also makes you really think – how many people are out there, feeling those same, scary feelings and going through such incredibly difficult times that you probably could not even begin to wrap your head around? That woman at the checkout counter, a grumpy coworker, someone you pass on the street – all going through traumatic life experiences. And there you are, passing them at that exact moment in your life… coincidence? Maybe. But what if fate had you cross paths with that person so you could make a positive impact on their lives? It doesn’t have to be anything big – a smile, opening the door for them, complimenting them, paying for a meal… the smallest gesture could make the biggest impact in someones life, and you don’t even know it. Just look at it this way – if someone you love was going through a difficult time, wouldn’t you want everyone to treat them nicely?

In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr: “Life’s most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?”

So, I challenge anyone who is reading this – to try, just TRY – to do something nice for someone you don’t even know. Because that person is someones mother, father, daughter…. and they deserve happiness, albeit just a quick moment in time,  just as much as anyone else.


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