Stronger Knee™
Yoga Course

The Stronger Knee™ Yoga Course is the proven method for anyone facing or recovering from knee surgery where you’ll learn to improve your range of motion, increase strength, and feel more confident post-surgery through the power of a 3-month yoga progression plan.

Recovering from Knee Surgery is a Journey - and I'm Here to Help!

Seriously injuring your knee can seem like the end of the world, and recovering from surgery can feel daunting and overwhelming. How can you improve your range of motion? Will your knee ever feel "normal" again?
That's where I come in.
Recovery doesn't have to be confusing, scary, or hard. When you start on the path to recover post-surgery, there are a lot of unknowns. I know, because I've been there. As an avid runner and workout fanatic, tearing my ACL & meniscus was devastating for me. The uncertainty of recovery was scary.
But it doesn't have to be for you.
By taking small steps and using yoga as a way to build confidence and strength, your recovery can and WILL be successful!

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Yoga for knee surgery recovery
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Yoga for Knee Surgery Recovery

This course was created for anyone 3+ months out from knee surgery. Each video was made based on a typical Knee Surgery recovery, starting out slow, and progressing to more difficult postures & yoga flows. Over the course of 2+ months, you will work on improving your range of motion, flexibility, and strength, giving you the confidence to return back to your normal activities/sport, stronger than before!

Weekly Videos

Every yoga class is specifically created to progress you forward in your recovery, increasing your strength and range of motion

Progression Plan

Beginning at 3 months post-op, every video is meant to challenge you and give you a clear goal to work towards over a period of 2+ months

ACL Surgery Recovery Guide

Receive a free download of The Complete Guide to ACL Surgery Recovery. This guide shows the progression of an average ACL recovery, and includes a plan with physical therapy exercises over a period of 6 months

Here’s What's Included in the Course

Weekly Yoga Videos

Starting at month 3 post-surgery, you'll have a new video every week to move along to. Every week builds on the previous, challenging you in addition to your physical therapy, improving your balance, improving your range of motion, and strengthening the muscles that surround and support the knees.

PDF of The Complete ACL Surgery Recovery Guide

Included with every course is a FREE PDF of "The Complete ACL Surgery Recovery Guide", This guide documents every physical therapy session & exercise throughout the 6+ months of my own recovery. Includes information on what to expect, questions to ask your surgeon, and links to resources to help in your recovery.

BONUS videos

Included are bonus mobility & strengthening videos for month 5 post-surgery and beyond + tutorials on how how to use KT tape to support your knees and hips.


Need a rest day? Follow along with a yin or stretching video, created specifically for those "off" days.

Ready to progress in your Knee surgery recovery?

For only $129, get lifetime access to The Stronger Knee™ Yoga Course


"I am 7 months ACL recon/minor meniscus tear post-op and I have been using your yoga videos since my 4th month. My surgeon kept me from PT until 6 weeks post-op, and your videos helped me catch up. Thank you so much and I really am so glad I was able to find your videos! They really have been integral to my recovery."
"I’m not a sports person so I was worried that I would struggle with recovery and rehabilitation. I followed all the recommendation of my doctor and I worked with a good physiotherapist but I also came across your ACL Recovery Guide and I purchased your course. I followed it diligently together with all my other physio exercises. [5.5 months post-op], I had a diagnostic test to check if I’m on track towards a full recovery and when I went to my doctor to discuss the results, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. I was not only on track, but it seemed to him that I was for all intents and purposes already recovered… My doctor (who’s been following ACL patients for 30 years) said that he NEVER saw such a quick recovery in a person who’s not a professional athlete."

Frequently Asked Questions

This course was created with everyone in mind! For anyone who has never done yoga, to advanced yogi’s. The videos in the month 3 start out slow, and many modifications are provided.

You will learn new yoga postures as you progress in the course and your recovery! If the classes start to become too challenging, you can stick with the classes earlier on in the course until you feel more comfortable in the postures and movements.

By the end of the course, you will feel stronger, more flexible, and more balanced than before!

Each video is anywhere from 10-40 minutes – the average being 15-20 minutes. I recommend doing 1-2 classes a week, depending on your current physical therapy schedule.

The entire course itself is 2+ months, depending on how quickly you progress.

While I’d love to be able to guarantee progress, your progress ultimately comes down to a variety of factors: how committed you are to physical therapy, what your level of fitness was before your surgery, the type of ACL tissue replacement, your diet, lifestyle, and much more. Every person’s progress is different.

I recommend staying with the videos that you are comfortable with until they become easier, then progress to the next as you become stronger and increase your range of motion.

Please consult with your surgeon and/or physical therapist if you are experiencing any pain or plateaus.

NO. This course was created as a supplement to your recovery. I am not a medical professional, and cannot diagnose or provide any medical advice. Please consult with your surgeon and physical therapist BEFORE embarking on this course.

YES! If you aren’t a part of the ACL club, but have had some type of knee surgery OR plainly just have knee issues, this course is still an excellent option to strengthen all of the muscles surrounding the knees.

With that being said, please consult with your surgeon and/or physical therapist before participating in this course.

Stick with your physical therapy exercises, and start adding some additional workouts on non-PT days. If you need help deciding which exercises to do, this course includes a PDF of my ACL Guide, which includes additional exercises to do every week on non-physical therapy days.

**As always, please check with your PT & Surgeon before adding anything to your recovery regimen!

Shoot me an email! I’d love to answer any questions you may have.

Have a Stronger, Faster Recovery.

Purchase the Yoga for Knee Surgery Recovery Course and receive lifetime access to yoga recovery videos & more!

About Nina Elise

Nina is an author, entrepreneur, personal trainer, and yoga teacher. After ACL & meniscus surgery in 2014, she began taking yoga classes to aid in her recovery. She quickly found yoga as a way to not only rebuild her strength, but also alleviate stress and anxiety.
Shortly after, she became a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer, and has spent the last 8 years taking trainings & courses from amazing teachers around the world to understand the body even more.
After posting yoga videos for knee surgery recovery on Youtube, the response was overwhelming. Her videos have received thousands of views, and have helped people around the world in their own knee surgery recovery journeys.
In addition to writing the "The Complete ACL Surgery Recovery Guide", Nina published a #1 bestselling yoga book on Amazon, "A Simple Guide for New Yoga Teachers."


The information in this course is not meant to diagnose, treat, or heal any medical condition or to be used in place of professional medical advice. Please consult with your primary care physician/physical therapist before beginning any new fitness or yoga regime.

In participating in this yoga course, you agree to do so at your own risk. There is a possibility of physical injury, so please listen to your body during your recovery. By participating in this course, you assume all risk to yourself, and release and discharge Nina Elise from any and all claims or causes of action that may arise out of Nina Elise’s negligence.

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