Day 6 was probably one of the best days yet. Why is that? Because I got to finally WASH MY HAIR! After I was given the go-ahead from my doctor, I was able to take off my brace, put a trashbag around my leg and actually take a full-on shower. It was like dancing under heaven’s magical, hot, steamy liquid droplets that made every tragic disaster in the world disappear. Never again will I ever complain about taking a shower. Below are some shower tips + my first PT appointment experience, 7-days post-op.

Shower tips:

  • My boyfriend bought a handicap chair for me to use in the shower – only used this once, but it might be useful for other people. on the 3rd day post-op surgery, I drew a small bath (up to my ankles) and sat on the chair with a trashbag covering my leg. I didn’t wash my hair, but I suppose I could have in the sink. It was too complicated for me, so I just didn’t.
  • To tape up your leg: get a trashbag (i used a drawstring one for a normal sized-kitchen trash can). put a hole in the bottom and slip your leg in. tie the bag at the top, making sure your bandage/wrap is completely covered. Take some tape (I used sports tape) and wrap the top and bottom of the trash bag to seal it.
  • Take a shower – while standing on one leg. I tried to use the chair, but just ended up pushing it out of the way. I didn’t stay in too long, because I was afraid the water was going to seep in through the bag/tape.

Day 7 – Physical Therapy – 1st Appointment

  • Arrived at physical therapy – the place I went to is where I had my surgery, it is about 10 minutes from my house + my insurance covers it. I think I get 60 appointments a year with a $20 co pay – I have anthem PPO, which has been pretty great (besides having to pay the 3K max out of pocket) – but check with your insurance beforehand & find out what your coverage is.
  • Did a few exercises (see below)
  • Got stim on my leg (see below). Every time I got the prickly-stim feeling, I was supposed to squeeze my quad muscle for 5-10 seconds. This was done to stimulate my quad muscle + help teach it to work on its own again.
  • After the Stim, I put my wrap back on. My leg was tired!
  • I was taken to the game ready ice machine, which iced/compressed my leg for 10 minutes. You can see the picture of my boyfriend studying the exercises – he is going to have to help me with some of them the first few weeks until my leg gets strong enough to lift on its own
  • Went home and slept. literally. all. day.

PT exercises



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