18 Weeks Post-Op Summary

  • I can run 1-2 miles every other day or so… on the treadmill, but I can run on smooth pavements (nothing where the terrain changes too much)
  • Left IT band is feeling better! No noticeable problems when running! -Seeing an ART specialist to help with IT band/tight back/structural issues
  • Still feeling soreness on the front/top of my knee/kneecap – I start to notice this after running for 10+ minutes at a time or trying to run faster
  • Saw my surgeon this morning, and he said the above issue was just my strength – I still need to work on my quad strength. Once I have all/most of my strength back, that pain and soreness will go away
  • Surgeon also mentioned that if I wanted to get back more intensely into sports where I would be doing a lot of pivoting/cutting, he recommended I get a brace. Since I am not a serious athlete, I am not sure if that is something I will do… but, he also said no one ever really knows how well the ACL has attached to the bone, so going back to more agility-type sports (not running, as its mainly straight forward running) too soon without support would not be a good idea. I have a follow-up in 2 months. If I feel the need to go more full-blown back into sports, he told me to come back in and get a brace. If not, I would be fine without a brace and most likely be able to go back 100% to sports next spring. Has anyone else had experience with a brace post-ACL surgery?
  • The numb part of my leg – feeling is starting to come back! I didn’t really notice it at first, but it has gotten better!
  • Icing at least 1x a day
  • Signed up for a 4-miler in September, so I need to step up my training a little 🙂
  • Working on improving my handstands – I love doing these, as they are building up my core & shoulder strength


PT Exercises/Workouts

  • Elliptical at the beginning of my workouts, 5 minutes
  • Run on treadmill for 10 minutes – starting out at 6 speed, picking up to 6.5 @ 5 minutes and 7-7.5 speed the last 2 minutes
  • Agility ladder work on the floor
  • High knees across gym/ladders – forwards and sideways – 4x
  • Jump over small object and land in a small squat – repeat down the line 4 x
  • Long jump – measuring how far i can jump – set a baseline (76″)
  • Hopping over lines forwards/side to side/diagonally
  • 4 markers set up on the ground: Run fast up to second marker –> squat down and shuffle as fast as I can to the next marker –> run backwards as fast as I can to the next marker –> shuffle back to the first marker as fast as i can. Repeat 4-8 times
  • Foot work on aerobics stepper at 20 second intervals
  • Stretching after every workout
  • Heated Yoga(1-2x a week, if I can find time)
  • Running on treadmill for 10-25 minutes 1-2x a week

Things have been slowing down a little, so I have been taking a little more time for myself. Sleeping in, naps, reading (Blink and now on Spirit Junkie), practicing my handstands with a little help from patrick beach and getting ready for my trip to Costa Rica in July. Has anyone traveled to Costa Rica? Any tips for a week-long trip out of the country? I will be mostly on the beach, learning spanish and doing yoga, but I will most likely trek out into the jungle or go on an excursion somewhere. I AM SO EXCITED! 🙂

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