It has been 1 month since my surgery, and I am feeling great!

I started working out again (besides physical therapy), doing upper body and abs. I am itching to get back into more intense workouts, but this whole surgery has taught me to slow down. I appreciate my down time, and am learning to listen to my body more. I did ask my PT a few questions, which I will include the answers below. I see my surgeon on Monday and can’t wait to see what he says. Also, I have been progressing so much that my PT only wants to see me once a week now! There are not really any more exercises that the PT can give me + only once a week = easier on my wallet… Sounds good to me! I am also cleared to walk around the house/work without my brace, I just need to wear it if I am walking somewhere my leg might get bumped.

Overall, I am feeling really good about my progress; at the same time, I am still being super cautious – I wear my leg brace at night, which is annoying, but I am afraid I might do something in my sleep. I feel like I am mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the day because I am devoting so much of my awareness to my knee, making sure it isn’t twisting, bending too much, etc. After month 2 things will start to get a lot easier (movement wise), although maybe a little more challenging in PT. But that’s ok! Also – the swelling in my knee has gone down A LOT! I finally took off my steri-strips on the big scar – it looks impressive! It will eventually fade over time and with the use of Doterra oils, so I am not too worried.

ACL wk 4 post op 2


  • 3 weeks: 118
  • 3.5 weeks: 130
  • 4 weeks: 134


I have cut back on the amount of oils I have been using – mainly due to traveling/starting work full time again. I usually do one oil application in the morning and one before bed… and maybe some deep blue in the afternoon if my knee is bothering me. Other than reducing the oils, I am still continuing to take the same vitamins/doing the same oil application as last week:

  • Taking multi vitamins
  • Continuing to take 1 calcium + 1 magnesium pill, 2x a day
  • Continuing to take cod liver oil vitamins, 2x a day on an empty stomach
  • Only taking aleve after a long day/when my knee gets swollen… so once a week maybe
  • 1 drop of wintergreen + 1-drops of cypress + 1 drop of marjoram on meniscus tear area– 1-2  times a day
  • 1-2 drops of fennel or lavender on bruised area – 1-2 times a day
  • Myrrh & Frankincense on scar/scab – to help reduce scar – 1-2 times a day
  • Sports oil blend whenever my knee is aching, or right after PT/icing
  • 1-2 drops of frankincense & melaluca for the achy pain & inflammation on knee – 1-2 times a day

Also – I love the quote below. I found this on my Tut calendar (Notes from the Universe) in February, and it makes me put things into perspective. Just because something that seems terrible happens in your life that doesn’t make any sense to you, doesn’t mean your whole life is ruined. Look at it as an opportunity – for growth, positivity, perspective, to learn patience, how to slow down, to love your body, or even help make an impact on someone else’s life. You never really know what life is going to throw you, but I know I prefer to look at things in a better light – it sure makes life a lot easier 🙂

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