3 Weeks Post-Op! I feel like time has absolutely flown by! I guess when you move slower, time really does go by faster. Recap of week 3 is below, along with a few PT exercises & what I have been doing vitamin/essential oil/nutrient wise. Below are a few pictures of 2.5-3 week post op. Bruising it pretty much gone, my scars are healing awesome… the first 2 pictures are 2.5 weeks, and the last 2 are from today, 3 weeks post-op that shows most of the swelling gone. Obviously, my left leg is skinnier than my right. It looks so sad.

3 wks post op

ACL 3 weeks Post Op


Between the 2.5 and 3 week point, magic happened:

  • I suddenly remembered to walk, with almost no limp
  • I can cross my legs comfortably (I could actually do this sooner, maybe around the 1-2 week mark; I just happened to notice when I went back to work and was sitting in a chair for half the day)
  • My swelling went down considerably
  • Pretty much all bruising gone!!
  • Only icing 1-2 times a day
  • I could do more exercises at physical therapy
  • I discontinued stim at PT since my quad had gotten strong enough
  • I got the go-ahead to walk around the house without my brace
  • I can stop using my brace in the next week or so
  • I started going into work (half day only)
  • I began to workout at the gym
  • I started to get energy again
  • 2 weeks: 95 degrees flexion
  • 2.5 weeks: 110 degrees flexion
  • 3 weeks: 118 degrees flexion
  • Started walking backwards on an incline on the treadmill

My leg has been straight since my first PT appointment, so I never had to worry about hitting 0 degrees. I am not sure what happened between that 2.5-3 week mark, but even my PT was impressed with how well I could walk. I literally just got rid of crutches at 2.5 weeks, and I came strolling in a few days later. I walked to the gym the night before my 3-week PT appointment and did upper body weight lifts, PT exercises and core work. I felt really great afterwards – and if I had any regrets about anything I have done for my recovery, not staying active would be the only thing I regret. And I really don’t have any regrets about the whole surgery/process. So, anyone after ACL reconstructive surgery, pay attention – GO TO THE GYM!!! I know you cannot do much, but getting that circulation and blood moving in your body is huge. Just doing upper body weights is good enough! All-in-all, I am so happy with my recovery so far. I try not to compare myself with anyone else, so I don’t care whether I am behind or ahead in recovery. I know my body, and I have been so impressed with the healing so far.

Vitamins/Essential Oils

I started taking multi vitamins again, which I am wondering if they had anything to do with my speedy walking recovery… my cousin, who is an oil consultant, also gave me a new protocol to try on my leg. I think I have been over doing it with the oils in my body, so this is a little bit more simpler, and I am not applying the oils as often (mostly because of going back to work/being more active).

  • Began taking multi vitamins again (I had run out)
  • Continue to take 1 calcium + 1 magnesium pill, 2x a day
  • Continue to take cod liver oil vitamins, 2x a day on an empty stomach
  • Not taking any pain medicine, not even aleve
  • 1-2 drops of wintergreen on quad (for muscle development) – 2-4  times a day
  • 1-2 drops of fennel on bruised area – 2-4 times a day
  • Sports oil blend roll-on whenever my knee was aching, or right after PT/doing my PT exercises at home
  • Food wise – lots of chocolate, gluten-free pizza & tortilla chips. My body hates me, especially the rolls on my stomach & back that appeared over night. I am going to start incorporating more protein to help aid in the strengthening of my muscles + more veggies to help aid in healing/balance my PH levels. A girl can’t live on chocolate forever! (In my dreams maybe)

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On another note, My first 1/2 day back to work was great! My co-workers decorated my desk & put lots of creepy pictures of sloths all over it – it seriously made me so happy! I love sloths!


And to top off last week, my cousin was in town – AKA time to be super weird together. So we went to Kroger down the street to embarrass her younger brother that works there. I drove around the cart with my sunglasses on, complete with my cousin putting a bird house on the back of my cart. I kept hitting things and people with my crutch – I had to put it in the front basket because there was no where else to put it. So if a grocery cart maker is reading this – you should really consider a place to put crutches. It will leave the store in less shambles after I leave.

Kroger Cart 2

Until next time!


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