I am not going to write much in terms of what oils/vitamins I took, as it has stayed the same as the first few days, except for what i started on day 5 after my bandages were taken off. My boyfriend took me to my first surgeon follow-up appointment – I had to sit in the backseat of the car on the way to the surgeon because I wasn’t sure if I could bend my leg yet. Below are a few pictures of what my knee looked like 5 days post-op -the swelling is not too bad, my leg is completely straight and i have really great flexion already.

Day 5: 1st visit to the Surgeon

  • Arrive at surgeon’s office with a list of questions
  • Nurse comes in, asks a few questions and took off my bandages
  • Bruising on the right side of my knee and shin bone + behind my knee (see below for behind my knee – the bottom part is my thigh, the picture is kind of confusing)

  • Shin feels like someone threw a huge brick at it
  • Doctor says knee looks pretty normal (excuse the dr suess socks/slipper- it’s ZERO degrees here in ohio & I just wanted to be warm + I just put on whatever was the easiest to get on my foot :))

Acl Post Surgery 5 days_3

Acl Post Surgery 5 days_4

  • I requested a refill on the pain medicine + a handicap parking pass + my physical therapy prescription
  • Nurse came back in, put a new wrap around my leg, and re-adjusted my brace. I can bend my knee up to 90 degrees!
  • Nurse gave me my old wrap, which I washed – I can alternate wraps now.
  • My hamstring also started twitching later in the day – I called the nurse, who said that my hamstring was just getting used to part of it not being there anymore.

Oils/vitamins/pain medicine:

  • Homemade antibiotic – melaluca, oregano, flu oil blend: 2 drops in an empty capsule, 1x/day
  • Calcium & magnesium: 1 each,3x a day
  • multi-vitamins
  • Pain medicine: 4th day, i was taking 1 every 2 hours. The 5th day, I started weaning off – taking 1 every 2-4 hours. It really depends on the person and how much pain you are in. You can start to take Aleve instead (up to 5 a day), but check with your doctor.
  • For the twitching hamstring: basil
  • Day 5, applied directly to my knee: spray mix of frankincense, Helichrysum & lavender + 1-2 drops: lemongrass (for pain/repair), white fir (for inflammation)  (or melaluca, eucalyptus or rosemary – find which one works best for you), clove, wintergreen and a sports oil blend. I applied peppermint last to drive all of the oils deeper.
  • This might sound funny, but I have been talking to my knee the whole time! I tell it how great it is doing, how amazing it looks, i tell it thank you for healing, that i am so grateful for it… it sounds funny, but i truly believe in the power of positivity. If you don’t believe it, check this out – so many people have done this experiment + it is proven that energy, whether positive or negative, affects water. and guess what – our bodies are made up of 75% water! So you better believe I’m talkin’ to my knee! I might even sing to it later ;).


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