5 months! 5 months! I never really had any expectations as to where I would be right now, but I guess I would say my recovery is coming along pretty great! Less pain in the knee, more agility moves in PT and more running. I am so grateful to be where I am at in my recovery, so any progress is good news 🙂 Summary is below!

5 Months Post-Op Summary

  • I am running 1-2 miles 2-4 times a week on the treadmill and outside. I tried to run 2 miles straight the other day (when i was sick), and I had to stop and walk at 1.5 miles for 1-2 minutes. My stomach had cramped up so bad and I couldn’t breathe. I keep telling myself baby steps!
  • There is some clicking/cracking on the left side of my knee, but I don’t notice it as much any more. Also, my kneecap pops out, like there is a tight muscle over the top of my knee that needs to be stretched. Doesn’t hurt, just a little uncomfortable
  • Icing and/or applying oils to my knee at least 1x a day
  • Lots of handstands! Working on my straddle press right now – and signed up for a handstand class with patrick beach in august (he is coming to Thank Yoga in Columbus!!!)

PT Exercises/Workouts (new exercises bolded)

  • Elliptical at the beginning of my workouts to warm up, 5 minutes
  • Run on treadmill for 10-20 minutes – 6-7.5 speed
  • Jump over small object and land in a small squat – repeat down the line 4 x
  • Long jump-squat and hold – down and back across gym, 2x
  • Small jumps up facing wall, trying to touch farther up wall – 10x, then jumping from a smaller squat 10x, then jumping from a deeper squat 10x – complete 2x
  • Stepping off a box onto one foot and balancing – 10 times, 2-3 rounds (this helps the PT to see if my knee is caving inward versus staying strong and over my knee)
  • box jumps – big jump up onto middle of box, then jump into a squat and hold for a few seconds. 5x, 2-3 sets
  • TRX band – squat jumps – 10, 2-3 sets
  • TRX band – one-legged squat jumps – 10, 2-3 sets
  • Stretching after every workout
  • Yoga(1-2x a week, if I can find time)
  • Running on treadmill or outside for 10-25 minutes 2-4x a week

Box Jumps ACL

Box Jumps

one legged trx squat jumps

One-Legged TRX Squat – with a jump!


Jump-Squats with a TRX band

Sweaty Sloth

This is how I look after my PT sessions – soaked in sweat! I look like a Sweaty Sloth.

Does anyone else feel like time has sped up this summer? Or that the weeks are just flying by? I can’t believe it has been 5 months since my surgery… and its almost July! I wish it were warm year-round in Ohio. Fortunately, I will be making my way down to Costa Rica in 2.5 weeks + I am planning a vacation with my cousins in FL later this year (HELLO HARRY POTTER WORLD). Even with surgery this year, I would say this year has been pretty awesome. Lots of learning, growth and traveling. I guess getting older isn’t so bad 🙂

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