5 Months + 1 week Post-Op Summary

  • I started cutting exercises in PT!
  • I jumped on a (mini) trampoline! The reason I am so excited is because this is where my knee buckled under me – and since I am missing part of my meniscus, I feel like my stability isn’t very good, and I am afraid of the same thing happening to me again (and the PAIN!). I need to mentally get over this fear and trust that my body is strong and healed and can support me 🙂
  • My kneecap pops out, like there is a tight muscle over the top of my knee that needs to be stretched. However, I have been stretching out my quad more, and the issue is pretty much gone
  • Icing and/or applying oils to my knee at least 1x a day
  • Running and Yoga are my main work outs!
  • Lots of squats in PT! I notice a little dull pain under my knee cap, but I attribute that to my leg just not  used to all of the new exercises. Continuing to build up quad strength will help!

PT Exercises/Workouts (new exercises bolded)

  • Elliptical at the beginning of my workouts to warm up, 5 minutes
  • Run on treadmill for 10-20 minutes – 6-7.5 speed
  • Jumping exercises to warm-up – jump side to side, front to back, diagonally across a line
  • Long jump-squat and hold – down and back across gym, 2x
  • Stepping off a box onto one foot and balancing – 10 times, 2-3 rounds (this helps the PT to see if my knee is caving inward versus staying strong and over my ankle)
  • box jumps – big jump up onto middle of box, then jump into a squat and hold for a few seconds. 5x, 2-3 sets
  • TRX band – squat jumps – 15, 1-2 sets
  • TRX band – one-legged squat jumps, alternating betwen hopping on right and left leg – 10, 2-3 sets
  • TRX band – one-legged squat jumps on left leg only – 5, 2-3 sets
  • 4 markers set up on the ground: Run fast up to second marker –> squat down and shuffle as fast as I can to the next marker –> run backwards as fast as I can to the next marker –> shuffle back to the first marker as fast as i can. Repeat 4-8 times
  • 4 markers set up on ground – stand in middle – PT calls out color of marker, and I run either forward or backwards to the marker, then back to middle – about 1 minute each time, 2-3 times
  • Foot work on aerobics stepper – toe taps with feet close to each other, then toe taps with feet wider. 40 seconds, 2X
  • Cutting work: “Suicides” across court – run to spot, then stop with left leg and push off with post surgery leg. Run back, repeat to a farther point. Run back, then run to other side of court. repeat 3-4x
  • Cutting work: Cones are set up in zig-zag cadence. Run to first cone, and land on one leg, like I am stopping myself. Push off leg and run to next cone and repeat until making it through all of the cones. Repeat same motions back to my starting point across the cones. Repeat 3-4 times
  • Cutting work: 5-6 different colored markers are set up on the court, randomly placed. I run around the markers and my PT calls out a color. I immediately change directions and go to the colored marker, stopping myself with one leg. Then I continue running until my PT calls out another color. Rest and repeat however many times your PT feels like torturing you 🙂
  • Stretching after every workout
  • Yoga – everyday for at least 5 minutes
  • Running on treadmill or outside for 10-25 minutes 2-4x a week


Example of Cutting


Example of cutting – foot planted to side in ground and putting all weight into that planted foot, then pushing off foot

I leave for Costa Rica in 1 week! I will be doing Yoga, learning Spanish and possibly surfing! Has anyone surfed post-acl surgery? If so, how long did you wait to get back to the sport? My surgeon said it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to surf, but I am just playing it by ear. I am up for any adventure that comes my way 🙂

Also –  I have honestly really been struggling with running – not that my legs are not strong enough or I get tired – I just can’t breathe! I struggle with getting to a mile! And sometimes, ladies, I don’t know if any of you have experienced this, but I get cramps – like a combination of lady cramps + food poisoning is hitting my intestines – about 5-10 minutes into running. (and its not even that time of the month :() On Monday I had to stop it was so bad. When this happens, I usually lay on the ground for about 5-10 minutes till the cramps go away. I read somewhere that this isn’t uncommon – some say it is related to endometriosis, others blame it on a tilted uterus and some on ibs. I used to only get it maybe once a month before my surgery when running, but now its pretty much every time I run now. It is hard to build up endurance and train when I can’t even move from pain! Has anyone every experienced this?? I would be interested to hear if anyone has had success with finding out the root issue that causes this!

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