I have been waiting until after my PT appointment to write this, to see if I there were any updates…. but there aren’t. Knee is still truckin’ along, about the same as week 7. I notice I have good days and bad days, and it just fluctuates depending on how active I am. Summary is below!

  • Scars looks the same
  • Knee feels almost back to normal
  • Not 100% ROM where my heel can meet my butt, but pretty close
  • Jogged to my car the other day on accident (it was raining and i forgot!)
  • Still experiencing pain on right right of knee, slight bruising – where the screw was drilled into bone
  • IT band pain pretty much gone
  • Hyper-extension on knee is starting to come back (to match my other knee!)
  • 1.5 months until I can run again!
  • Got a massage the other day – the lady did an awesome job of working out a lot of knots on both of my legs! Def recommend to get the blood flowing and give your legs a break from working so hard.

Went to Bikram Yoga again the other day and I almost fainted. I felt nauseous, light-headed… I already am not doing a lot of the poses, but had to sit down for most of the class. That has NEVER happened to me in all of my years going to heated/Bikram yoga. I usually start to feel great after 20 minutes in. I think I had a slight ear infection, and I spent the rest of the night laying on the couch after class. I am going again this week, so fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again!

Asked my PT about the discoloration on the numb part of my leg when I start to sweat – they had no idea! Looks like I will have to check with my surgeon in a few weeks. I also will be working with more with my other PT, so hopefully some new exercises are on the horizon as I continue to get my leg strength back.

Until next time!


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