17 weeks!

I only had a few days in between my 2 PT appointments, and I only had time to get 1 run in/do my new exercises… and even that was pushing it. I went to an amusement park on Saturday and walked around for 5-6 hours… my knee was not very happy. I didn’t work out on Sunday, and then ran on Monday morning. Afterwards, my knee was bothering me (IT Band) as well as the top part of my kneecap. I saw my PT on Tuesday morning, and he had me take it easy. He said my patellar tendon needed a rest,  and it just needed a little time to recover from the all the new activities I have been adding to my workouts. Because of this, I didn’t run on Tuesday at my PT appointment, and I just worked on hamstring exercises (so as not to work my quad/knee).

I am not upset – honestly, just really tired. I haven’t been getting much sleep, and I won’t until next weekend 🙁 Regardless, I am still extremely happy with my progress so far. The pain I am experiencing is just muscle/tendon pain, which is expected, especially if I am going back into things too fast (or when my body needs to rest more!). Below is a summary of week 17!

17 Weeks Post-Op Summary

  • I am allowed to run 1-2 miles every other day or so… only on the treadmill. Took a breather for a few days to give my knee some rest
  • Left IT band is a little sore, but stretching & using a foam roller helps! Going to see an ART specialist next week for a little more help with my IT band/tight back/structural issues
  • Still some clicking and cracking here and there in my knee – def still some inflammation, but mostly from over-doing it
  • Icing at least 1x a day
  • Knee a little swollen from my weekend of walking at the park – icing and using oils every day, especially after workouts. My mom sent me a new oil blend that I have been using, and it has been working wonderfully!
  • My flexibility is great! Heated yoga has made me even more flexible than i was pre-surgery. I can also go in a very deep squat and sit back on my heels! Not 100% comfortably, but I am getting there.
  • My boyfriend took me to Orange Theory Fitness on Thursday for my birthday – I ran for 15-20 minutes on the treadmill and did some circuit work afterwards. This type of workout uses your heart heart to track your workouts, and it shows your stats on a big screen so you can see how much you are pushing yourself the entire time. I really liked it, but I didn’t feel like I could 100% push myself during the workout. I will for sure be back in a few months when my knee is feeling better!
  • **Edit – I went for 20 minute run on the treadmill at the gym, about 2.25 miles… My IT band was bothering me at first, but after a few minutes, the pain went away. My leg strength feels fine, it is just my breathing/cardio I have issues with… but that will get better in time 🙂 Hopefully at my next PT appointment I will be given the go-ahead to start running outside again!

How I feel when I run now.

How I feel when I run now.


PT Exercises/Workouts

  • Elliptical at the beginning of my workouts, 5 minutes
  • Calf raises on a step – both legs – 2 sets of 20
  • Hamstring curls on machine – both legs – 2 sets of 15-20
  • Balance work on steps & on piece of foam
  • Hamstring curls – lay on ground – put both feet up on an exercise ball. Bridge hips up & pull feet towards body – 3 sets of 15
  • Monster walks
  • Stretching after every workout
  • Running for 5-20 minutes on treadmill @ a 6-7 pace
  • Bikram Yoga/Heated Yoga (1x a week, if I can find time)

I went to heated Baptiste yoga the other night, and I was so incredibly humbled and grateful by my body’s ability to heal so quickly. I was surprised by my flexibility and the ease I was able to get into poses…. I even tried flying pigeon pose, something I have never really tried to do or understood how to get into the pose (especially with the pressure on my knee). It takes a ton of upper body and core strength!

I am going to continue with my yoga when I can get to it, and ease back into running. I am signed up for a half marathon, but not until January… so I have time to prepare 🙂

My birthday was also this past week… So lots of surprises, time spent with family and friends and not much sleep. Between early/extra hours at work, a wedding this past weekend and my birthday, I am pooped! I rested all day this Sunday and felt a little bit better… Now off to go for a run at the gym 🙂

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