Hi! First things first… Check out The Stronger Knee™ Yoga Course. The online course includes 1-2 videos a week you can do over the course of your recovery, quickly improving ROM, strength, balance, and flexibility. Based on my own recovery, I created this course specifically for anyone recovering from Knee surgery, and includes 15+ videos full of safe & effective postures & flows that progress with you.

Secondly… 10 Weeks Post-Op! Great things happening… see below for my 10-week recap 🙂

10-week Recap

  • Reached full flexion/ROM (After walking on treadmill)… Finally! I have really struggled with getting my heel to my butt, but I can now get full ROM after a decent workout filled with elliptical & treadmill work. I usually wake up with 2-3 inches in between, but a lot of walking helps loosen my knee up
  • 10 weeks! 10 weeks! That means I am “Out of the Red” – my ACL is pretty much good to go… just need to build up a little more strength in the next few weeks
  • I can run in about a month! Even though I feel like I can now 🙂
  • I am meeting with my surgeon on Monday, and my PT is going to sit in on the appt. He thinks I might be ok to run at 14 weeks!
  • Doing more lateral movements in PT
  • Almost all swelling is gone in knee – just a little in the front
  • Can finally sit Indian-style! Lost a lot of flexibility, but it will come back
  • Working on setting  up a skype session with Sargam Mishra to do some energy/healing work on my ACL next week – more to come later (She actually completely healed a torn ACL on someone!!)
  • Scar still looking the same, maybe a little lighter… using the Vit E 2x a day!
  • Feeling stronger in balancing exercises – knee not so wobbly

I see my surgeon on Monday, and I have a few questions to ask him. I think he is a little more aggressive on what I can do physically versus what my PT allows me to do, so it will be interesting to see how he thinks I am doing.

I went to Bikram tonight, and I can’t believe how much more I can do! I could do almost all of the poses! Not a lot of the sitting poses, but I could definitely see my progress in class. Below is a chart of all of the poses I did – I Xed out the poses I didn’t do. A lot of the poses I tried, but stopped if there was any twisting/pivoting of my knee. The poses marked partial, I only did the right leg and not the left.

Hope this helps anyone getting back into yoga after ACL surgery! Of course, everyone is different, so listen to your body 🙂

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