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I am a lover of all things adventure and play. In my 20’s, I traveled around the world, searching for happiness and excitement. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was merely searching for something to make me feel whole.

At age 33 and still feeling lost, I broke off my engagement and got let go of my job. I decided to take time off, and traveled around Mexico for 4 months alone on my own ‘Eat Pray Love’ trip. When I arrived back in the US, I experienced deceit that completely shattered my heart and made me question everything. I spent the next 6 months moving through deep grief, letting go of my old identity and life.

During this “awakening,” I was shown all of the ways I had been hurting others and myself – ultimately leading me to a place of self-forgiveness and deep acceptance of all parts of myself – a place where I now feel at home within. Because of my own journey(s), I am able to work with others through a lens of deep compassion, intertwining all of my experiences into unique offerings to empower & guide others to find their way back ‘home’ as well.

These days you can find me in my happy place, on the beach, teaching yoga and Human Design, and doing consulting work for nonprofits.

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