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Blonde girl smiling in a short orange top
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I am an artist, musician, author, Human Design Specialist, Conscious Growth Mentor, Transformational Breathwork facilitator, and lover of all things adventure and play.

In my 20’s, I traveled around the world, searching externally for happiness and a place to call home. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was constantly running away from home – a place within.

In my early 30’s, I discovered Human Design, plant medicine, and subconscious work. I began to go inward, instead of seeking love, validation, and direction externally.

I went through a spiritual awakening, and my entire world crumbled. I was living at my dad’s house, had no job, no money, and no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Everything I owned fit in the back of my car.

In this time period, I took responsibility for the creation of my reality, and vowed to intentionally create one worth living. But first, I had to learn how to deeply love myself.

Through hundreds of hours of meditation, subconscious work, journaling, inner child work, Breathwork, Human Design, Gene Keys, somatic therapy, and a LOT of trial and erroring, I developed deep compassion and love for myself.
I finally understood and felt what it meant to be at home, within.

I softened in ways I never knew possible. Freedom, self-love, and self-empowerment were on the other side. I realized how important support & having strong internal tools are so necessary when so much is changing in your life.

I created a system that combines Human Design, emotional management & release techniques, subconscious rewiring, and quantum reality creation. It changed EVERYTHING for me. The unique combination of these tools made me stronger, helped me embrace my natural skills, process emotions in a mature & loving way, step into my power, and be the intentional creator of my own reality.
I’m now living my dream life on the beach, filled with joy & purpose every day that I wake up.

It is my goal and deepest desire to support others on their own self-love & Awakening journey of coming home to themselves, in all their shadows and ups and downs, and to empower all with tools they can use to create the live they truly desire.

And lucky for you, I did the trial & erroring, so you have a clear path forward that allows you to skip the suffering, and go straight to creating your dream life <3.

If you need extra support on your own awakening journey of coming back home to yourself, want to feel confident, in love with yourself, and actually live a life of purpose & joy, I’m here for you. 


Yes Supply Coach (2024)
Hypnosis, Neural Energetic Encoding, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neural Energetic Wiring, Mindset Coaching, NLP, Parts Work

Somat+IQ™ Breathwork Practitioner (2024)
Release stored & stagnant emotions, past trauma, stress, and energy within the body, while also regulating the nervous system

Human Design Specialist
Living Your Design (2021 – Ben Torre & Tom Pfeiffer)
Rave ABC (2022 – Ben Torre & Tom Pfeiffer)

200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher (2014 – Go Yoga)
Power | Vinyasa | Hatha | Yin

Fun facts About Nina Elise
Blonde girl smiling in a short orange top
Nina Elise Human Design

Human Design

  • 4/6 Emotional Manifestor
  • Split Definition (seeking out that 43 :))
  • Quad Right (100% receptive)
  • Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 2
  • Conscious Sun: 35.4
  • Digestion: Indirect Light
  • Environment: dry kitchens
  • Strongest Sense: Feeling

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