My Human Design Journey

My Human Design (HD) journey began back in 2019, where I journeyed to Costa Rica to sit with plant medicine. A woman at the retreat mentioned Human Design several times to me. I wrote it down, not immediately paying attention to it. When I finally looked up HD and discovered my chart, I didn’t connect with it. A Manifestor? I tried my entire life to manifest, and nothing ever came to fruition. I set it aside, and didn’t come back to it until early 2020.

Eventually something clicked, and I asked one of my best friends if she had ever heard of it. Her response blew me away. She parented her children and managed her employees based on their designs. I began digging in even more over the next 1.5 years, getting several readings and working with a Manifestor coach.

In 2021, I signed up for a Living Your Design class with Ben Torre & Tom Pfeiffer. This is where my true “deconditioning” started, as I began to truly understand the truth & depth of the system within my body. I began to truly see and accept myself. I began to become aware of my “not-self”, and how I was truly living an unaligned life. There were many times I broke down in tears as I became aware of so many moments in my life where I was acting out of fear and unworthiness. The HD system became more healing than any plant medicine journey I ever went on.

Since July of 2021, I have been deep in my experiment. I sold my business, traveled, moved, and changed my life to one worth living. One full of joy, self-love, confidence, and empowerment. I am consciously choosing to live the life I want, not for anyone else.

My intention was never to share Human Design. It was a tool I used behind the scenes to scrape off years of conditioning & return to my natural state. It is a byproduct that by living by my design, I am living in a state of Peace (a Manifestors Signature!), which is how I can have the most Impact (every Manifestor’s dream). If you connect with the system & decide to explore HD, I am here to help through sharing my own experience & story. If you choose, you may just find the greatest journey of all – one leading you back “home”, within.

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Nina Elise Human Design

Nina’s Chart

  • 4/6 Emotional Manifestor
  • Split Definition (seeking out that 43 :))
  • Quad Right (100% receptive)
  • Right Angle Cross of Consciousness 2
  • Conscious Sun: 35.4
  • Digestion: Indirect Light
  • Environment: dry kitchens
  • Strongest Sense: Feeling

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